Edge Protocol Raises $1.75M Seed Round to Launch the Next Generation of Money Market

Edge Protocol
4 min readJan 15, 2022


We are excited and proud to announce that Edge Protocol has completed a $1.75 million seed round to build the next generation of money market, the money market as a service on the Terra ecosystem.

The financing for this round was led by Hashed, together with strategic backing by:

We would like to officially thank our angel investors who have supported us from the day we embarked on this journey.

Edge Protocol team is incredibly thankful and fortunate to have such phenomenal investors.

Here are some words from our investors.

Do Kwon — CEO of Terraform Labs

“I’m on edge.”


“Hashed is proud to lead the seed round for Terra’s first money market protocol. Edge democratises lending and borrowing into the hands of individual users — increasing the capital efficiency of supported Terra assets through a decentralised fashion. We are excited on Terra’s growth and have no doubt that Edge will establish its footing as a core product in the ecosystem.”


“I’ve met hundreds of young entrepreneurs, and the Edge team truly has the potential to become world-class entrepreneurs in the next 5–10 years. And we are here to help them get there.”

Jason Choi — General Partner of Spartan Capital, Founder, and host of Blockcrunch Podcast

“ Edge is bringing a much needed and proven foundational DeFi primitive to the growing Terra ecosystem.”

Santiago R Santos —Web3 Investor

Excited to back Edge in becoming the first money market in the growing Terra ecosystem. Isolated lending markets make a lot of sense, and I’m excited to back this A+ team.”

Ashwin Ramachandran — General Partner at Dragonfly Capital and Co-author of DeFi and the Future of Finance

“I’m excited to be backing Edge Protocol as they build one of the most compelling new lending platforms in DeFi. The team behind Edge is world class, and I’m thrilled to be working alongside them in their journey to build a key primitive in what I consider the most exciting nascent ecosystem for DeFi innovation, Terra.”

MapleLeafCap (Folius Ventures)

“Lending as we saw is one of the 1st DeFi primitives to emerge on a Layer 1/2 chain along with swaps and stablecoins; it’s also quite clear to us that a ton of new features had been introduced — to the extent we feel that a B2B holistic credit solution that incorporates all these features is needed on other chains. To that end, Folius is very excited to support the effort by the young, hardworking engineers at the Thailand-based Edge Protocol to further its build-out on Terra!”


The Terra ecosystem sorely needs a functional permissionless money market today. Edge Protocol fits this market gap perfectly by allowing any protocol to unlock native token functionality via its isolated borrow/lend markets. I’m looking forward to seeing the team develop cutting edge solutions to push the entire ecosystem forward.

Matt Cantieri — General Manager, Anchor Protocol at Terraform Labs

“Edge Protocol really excited me because it puts power in the hands of users: allowing protocols and their users to build their own money markets with revenue directly flowing to them is a revolutionary model that adheres both to the ethos of Terra and crypto more broadly. The synergy potential with Anchor is undeniable.”

Sawit Trisirisatayawong — General Manager, Nebula Protocol at Terraform Labs

“Their vision is really edgy.”

Who are we?

Edge Protocol is the money-market-as-a-service provider. We act as the community-based pool creation platform and the portal to various lending pools, giving people access to their preferred markets.

Edge Protocol’s mission is to bring financial inclusiveness to all people.

We believe that DeFi is here to stay; our responsibility is to utilize the power and uniqueness of the internet of ownership towards our mission.

Our mission is rooted in our belief that the direction of the banking industry should not be in the hands of any authority but the people.

Edge Protocol is going to do whatever it takes to change that.

What’s next?

The funds raised in this round will be used to strengthen our community and partnership, hire high-quality global talents, and improve our products to achieve financial inclusiveness for all.

We have a series of significant updates and announcements scheduled for the coming weeks.

The tide is turning, so stay tuned.

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Welcome to your financial and banking utopia :)



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