Basically they are all born as Donald Trumps.
It’s such a difficult subject.
Anatole Gomersall

We are born with a lot of predispositions due to our DNA but I do not believe all males are born as scumbags and have to be changed from that as they grow. I raised sons and my sons are raising sons. They are incredible and decent and good. If it was all DNA they would be hopelessly doomed given some of their extended family.

We treat people at the level we perceive them. I treat all males as respectful until I see otherwise and then I present alternatives to their words, attitudes or actions.

I was molested for 16 years by 2 family members in childhood, I was gang-raped, I have been beaten and bullied and used.

However, to assume a boy or man is bad from the start is not a way to heal the problem.

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