Keys to Dropping 30 lbs in 3 Months

About 12 years ago I got serious about dropping the pounds that had slowly accumulated since my high school days. I had gone from 165 to 205. Granted…this had taken place over nearly 15 years, but still it bothered me. I was determined as I had never been before. I read, researched and studied different ways to take this task on. I realize there are many ways to lose weight, but I was determined to find a weight loss strategy with certain criteria:

It had to promote health.
No gimmicky diets.
No drugs or pills.
No extreme calorie restriction.
No surgery.
It had to include real food…Not heavily focused on supplements.
It had to have an exercise component to it, but not more than one hour a day.


What I found was something that started a quest for knowledge in the field of health, fitness and nutrition. This started a thirst for content in this particular field that I hadn’t felt before in anything I had taken on. I consumed books, articles and blogs, searching for wisdom as it relates to these topics.


During these many hours of study and research I have come up with what I feel is the most optimal way to eat, to exercise, to maintain weight effortlessly, and to live abundantly….but I’m not going to get into all that today. This will come in future posts. What I am focusing on today is the keys to that initial weight loss. I am not going to go into details as to my daily diet or my specific daily exercise routine. Surprisingly, I don’t think these are the key. I think it all starts and for that matter ends on the mental side of things…here goes.

1. Be focused, determined and committed.

During the three months that I lost 40 pounds, it took on a very large priority in my life. Yes, I still had work and family among other things to deal with, but I was committed and dead serious on hitting my goal so it did take more mental energy and focus than I would like to admit. To be truthful, for that three months it almost consumed me. I was bound and determined to hit my goal. Nothing was going to stop me.
Key take away…you must have laser like focus…at least for a period of time, on this one goal to make it happen.

2. Hire a nutritionist a coach or a trainer that will hold you to the fire.

If you can’t afford this approach, then get someone to be accountable to. This person could be a friend or a relative. This, of course, is assuming you have done the research on the particular strategy you are going to follow.
 I hired someone to map out my meals and my workouts. I exercised exactly the way he said to. I ate precisely what he said to eat. I weighed in and reported to him every Monday morning. I picked Monday morning because for me, weekends are the hardest time to be strict to my diet. I have heard so many people say they want a day to recover from the weekend binge before they weigh in. These people are not committed or focused. Interview different trainers/nutritionists and find one that works for you and commit. I have my opinion on the best way, but honestly there are many ways to lose weight.

3. Keep time in perspective

I mean really…this is 3 months or 6 months or even 1 year of your life. The effects of this initial weight loss can have such a dramatic effect on your health, longevity, and overall outlook on life. The investment of time, mental energy, and commitment are such a small price to pay, considering the payoff in the long run.

4. Don’t cheat and don’t justify.

In my initial weight loss program I was so focused that I hardly ever deviated from the prescribed diet. I think I can count maybe 2–3 times in the entire 90 day period. There is always a reason to jump off the boat. Birthdays, holidays, vacations, weekends, blah blah blah…remember…this is the time you are going to make it happen. When you make up your mind, don’t let anything derail you. Have someone to call or someone to text when you are feeling the urge to cheat. Remember number 2 above? This is critical in hitting your goal. It’s so hard to do it on your own.

5. Go public with your goal.

Don’t tell everyone, but tell a few close friends and relatives. Get your plan out there. This will help you be much more committed. Knowing that others are aware of your plan and what you are trying to do will help you tremendously when the urge to quit or throw in the towel comes.

6. Don’t give up…even if you have a bad day.

So ultimately you probably will have a bad day. You will be discouraged. You will want to quit. The scale isn’t showing the results you want. I remember one week I ate nearly perfect for the entire week and I showed up for my weigh in and the scales hadn’t moved. I was so bummed. I for sure wanted to quit. Keep number 3 in mind. Remember your goal. Remember that you can do this. Remember that consistent actions over time will produce results.

So here they are again…
 1-Be focused, determined and committed.
 2-Hire a nutritionist a coach or a trainer that will hold you to the fire.
 3-Keep time in perspective.
 4-Don’t cheat and don’t justify.
 5-Go public with your goal.
 6-Don’t give up…even if you have a bad day.

There is so much more, but the purpose of this post is to really focus on the mental aspect. This is really the key. I don’t care which nutritional approach you take or which exercise program you follow. If you are not where you need to be mentally YOU WILL NOT SUCCEED!

In future posts, I will be writing more specifically how I did it. The food I ate. The exercise I did. The approach that has helped me maintain this for many years now. I do have strong opinions on what works and what doesn’t. Believe me, this will all come out. But for now, work on the mental game.

One last thing. Next to the initial weight loss, maintenance is the biggest thing that you must learn. Now that you are this new person, how do you relax your diet a bit and enjoy your life without gaining it all back. I guarantee there is a right way to do this. I will teach you what has worked for me. Stay tuned!

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