Understanding Insulin’s Role Can Save Your Life

If people could understand this one thing, I believe it would do more to improve their overall health, including weight loss, risk of obesity, diebetes, heart disease…amongst many other things, than anything else.

Intentionally and strategically control insulin levels in the body.

Why is this so important and how does one do this?

Well, we first must understand what insulin does and the role it plays in the body. There are many scientific and somewhat complex explanations out there, but my objective is to try and break it down so anyone can read this and immediately apply it. This will not be a comprehensive overview. My intention is to simply explain the basics. If you want all the details, it’s out there. Maybe this will spur further research on your part.

Here are 10 basic principles that you must understand about Insulin.

1 When you eat carbohydrate…specifically grains, potatoes, candy, rice, cereal, soda, sugars and fruits.. it is converted to a simple sugar called glucose.

2 Insulin levels are elevated whenever these types of carbohydrates are taken into the body.

3 Insulins job is to transport this glucose (yes, all of this stuff converts to glucose) to the cells of the body.

4 Insulin will first attempt to fill up the muscle cells with glycogen.

5 If and when the muscle cells fill up, insulin will then start taking this glucose to the fat cells.

6 Excercise…both resistance and aerobic will deplete the muscle cells of glucose which is a good thing because then more glycogen can be stored there. Hence…if your going to eat any of these types of foods, the best time is within a couple of hours after exercise.

7 The primary reason we get fat is because this excess glucose (carbohydrate) is being transported to our fat cells.

8 We can eventually develop insulin resistance, which is when muscle and fat cells don’t respond to the normal actions of the insulin…which is to help the cells store the glucose. The pancreas produces more and more insulin as less and less glucose is able to be stored by the cells.
This extra glucose in the bloodstream can result in eventual type 2 diabetes.

9 The pancreas eventually gets very tired and doesn’t produce the proper amounts of insulin if any at all.

10 This is when Insulin must be injected in the body by type 2 diabetics.

So what are the three biggest things we can do to prevent inulin resistance, type 2 diabetes and all of the complications that arise from this horrible disease?

1 Excercise regularly. Both strength training and aerobic . No big surprise here. But at least now you know part of the reason why it is so beneficial. It uses up the glycogen stores in your muscle cells which then allows for future glucose (carbohydrate) to be stored there.

2 Cut back on the amount of carbohydrates you eat…specifically the sugary, grainy, soda poppy, and even fruity types.

3 If you are going to indulge it is best to do it after an intense workout…either resistance or aerobic. This is when the muscle cells of the body are most depleted of glycogen. This will allow for the glucose to refill the muscle cells and not the fat cells. Of course, moderation is recommended even after exercise.

There you have it. I’ve given you a quick synopsis of what insulins job is. Why it is so important to control it. How it can lead to eventual type 2 diabetes….and most importantly…steps you can take TODAY to improve your health as it relates to this topic.

Originally published at www.edgriffin.me.