9 top things I learnt as a social media manager in 2017.

I’ll begin by stating this is not a definitive list (Ha, covered myself there).

Some where in that tunnel of knowledge resides the definition of a social media manager.
  1. The definition of a social media manager. I naively assumed ‘something to do with Facebook and Twitter right?’ but there is a bit more to it.
Seems legit.

2. That most social media managers are and I quote “Dipshits” (I have my girlfriend to thank for that observation).

My face when I realized I was under pressure to create something around ‘Denim Day’.

3. You need to manage that ratio of order & chaos and bring some structure to it all. In other words, don’t wing it. Tweets for example…you want to educate, inform, amuse and engage, ahead of time and in real time.

Don’t be this guy.

4. A marketing calendar is your friend -websites like Hubspot give this information away for free so you don’t have to play catch up come Monday morning.

The owls are not what they seem.

5. Sprout versus Buffer versus Hootsuite (and others). Find a social media dashboard manager *Take a breath* that works for you and learn it inside and out. It’s your friend, it is here to help.

6. Invest in a pair of headphones and crank up Mr Oizo — you’ll need to occasionally zone out of your surroundings.

The best kind of cheerleader.

7. Be the cheerleader of your company but don’t over do it. I would always pose myself the question “Where do we stand to BENEFIT?” when I would be pushing out content onto social media. Sure, I could get some attention joining in a debate about #cupcakes on Twitter but what would the company be promoting?

Facebook? All day?!?

8. Be prepared to deal with people who assume you sit on Facebook all day and tell them ‘Yes, that’s exactly what I do and guess what? I get paid for it’ and smirk.

Excuse me? Excuse me, senor? May I speak to you please? I asked for a mai tai, and they brought me a pina colada, and I said no salt, NO salt for the margarita, but it had salt on it, big grains of salt, floating in the glass…

9. Enjoy it! Because at the end of the day you’re not Milton.

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