A Gluten-Free Fourth of July

No buns allowed.

by CHLOE.’s 4th of July picnic plate special

The Edible Team is going gluten free for a whole week starting on July 3rd. With this we’re wondering what we can eat on the celebration of America’s birthday.

Can we eat…

Hot dogs? ❌ Nope. Many hot dogs may contain gluten, so especially if we’re worried about cross contamination we’ll have to be wary of the cookout staple. 😕

Sausages? ❌ Same as hot dogs and most processed meats. 🙁

Barbecue sauce? ❌ Commercial bbq sauces, like many sauces, contain gluten. ☹️

Other condiments? ❌ Mustard and other condiments may contain gluten. (I hope they have labels at the cookout!) 😰

Red, white, & blue baked goodies? ❌ We’ll have to make them ourselves with gluten-free flours like almond, rice, or chickpea flour. 😖

But wait, aren’t we in Los Angeles, the city of muscle beaches, personal trainers, and diet-conscious consumers? Fortunately, we picked the right place to try a GF diet. With a few google searches I found:

  • Eater’s list of 18 gluten-free restaurants in Los Angeles from a neapolitan pizza joint to an upscale vegan dining experience at Crossroads Kitchen.
  • 10 LA bakeries with gluten-free offerings by Wendy O’Dea.
  • Rising Hearts Bakery, a vegan and gluten-free bakery in Culver City whose popular items include their brownie and whoopie pie.
  • by CHLOE. a fast casual vegan spot with a stand in a Whole Foods store in Silver Lake, that is serving up a 4th of July picnic plate — a vegan bbq sandwich with a gluten-free bun per request, side of salsa, watermelon slice, gluten-free cupcake AND a drink for only $16.
  • Sinners & Saints desserts in Venice, where they’ve split up their selections into two categories: Sinners (decadent) and Saints (gluten-free).
  • An easy fix for hot dog buns— lettuce wraps (and a gluten-free hot dog of course).
  • Recipes for potato salad, okra, apple pies with gluten free crust, veggie snacks, and a vegan chocolate sorbet (ice cream maker required).
  • And a great app that helps you find food to meet your dietary restrictions. Happy 4th of July from the Edible Team!
photo from insonnetkitchen.com

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Disclaimer: Edible Project is not responsible for any allergic reactions or accidental ingestion of animal products or gluten. As always, double check with your server to make sure a food item meets your dietary preferences.