Join a Techbikers Ride in 2017

Get challenged, make new friends and help kids in the developing world get access to education

Did you ever do something outside of your comfort zone, that at the time felt daunting but later on became one of your proudest accomplishments? Techbikers is one of those things, and with 4 rides planned for 2017, it’s never been easier to join a Techbikers ride:

You can pre-register right now:

The rides are fully supported. We have all the logistics sorted for you — food, accommodation, marked routes, even a support crew on the ground with us. As a rider, you have three responsibilities: Sign up, cycle 320km, and raise money for a great cause. Each day involves about 100km of cycling, with rest stops and meals along the way.

Techbikers 2016 Paris to London — Before and after

You will experience great camaraderie on the ride (which lasts well beyond the ride). It’s not a race or a competition, so slower riders are taken care of, and faster riders still get to go fast and break a sweat. With you on the ride, you can expect to find yourself amongst 50–70 founders, CEOs, VCs, angel investors and members of the tech community — from large tech companies, to community leaders. This year, we’re planning to experiment with content and format for an even better experience.

Our impact so far has been nothing short of spectacular. In the past five years, over 365 riders raised £304,000 for Room to Read, which created 6 schools, 14 libraries, scholarships for girls, training programs for teachers and books in the local language in Nepal, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangladesh, and as of last year — Tanzania. Room to Read estimates that our donations impacted more than 9,000 kids so far, who will now have a chance of a better future by getting access to education — something all of us in tech are grateful for.

Finally, we still have a couple of sponsor slots open. We love our sponsors as they enable us to direct all the donations DIRECTLY to charity. If you are interested, or know someone who would be, please join us! drop me a line:

By joining a ride, you will be joining the amazing Techbikers community, and making a long lasting impact on the lives of children who could use our help. See our impact to date in the attached infographic (still work in progress!).

Here’s a video to put things in context. So what are you waiting for?