Frankfurt Marathon 2017

The Frankfurt Marathon was my 4th marathon ran in 2017 and my 3rd marathon ran in a time span of one month, yes October was intense sort of saying. Today I want to share with you my running adventure…

We went to Frankfurt by car, from Luxembourg it takes 2:30 hours. We stayed at a NH hotel. Funny and idiot fact, when I did the booking I entered the wrong date so my booking was for next week, we had to pay another reservation thanks to my idiocy, since then we apply the 4-eyes principle when booking a hotel, my girlfriend needs to verify that everything is in order before I pay.

As soon as we left our luggage in the hotel, we went to get our bibs. The expo was pretty good, there were a lot of stands selling food, running gear, and the best part there was discounts. We bought a running shirt with long sleeves for each of us.

The course was as flat as a pancake, there was a 73M of elevation gain. During the race we kept a pace of 6'02'’/KM and I did not bother speeding up, honestly I already felt tired after all it was my third marathon of the month. I just wanted to finish the marathon, go back home and eat a huge pizza (which we did).

The path of the race was very city centric, it was a huge loop around the city centre. The refuelling spots were excellent, lots of bananas and water. Overall, I did like the Frankfurt marathon and I would run it again, maybe not next year but for 2020 or something like that.

Where to eat

  • Zu den 12 Aposteln
  • Ristorante Rustico
  • Mainkai Café
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