#DidIHearYouSay Breakfast?

The most unusual squabble occurred amongst my kids on the breakfast table. It was a squabble for the squeeze bottle with the delicious vanilla cream in it.

You're probably wondering by now what it was they had for breakfast, not to worry I won't keep you in suspense- We had #Popovers!

For those who don't know, #Popovers are light hollow bread like pastries Made from an egg batter. They are simple to prepare, look amazing and light on the tummy. They make excellent snacks or breakfast as in my case.

Now that you have an idea of what it is, let me show you how to make it.

>First the filling


  • Milk 500g (2 cups)
  • Sugar 60g


  • Egg yolk 45g (2 small eggs)
  • Whole eggs 60g (1large egg)
  • CornStarch 38g
  • Sugar 60g
  • Butter 30g
  • Vanilla extract 8g


  • In a pan/pot, dissolve the milk and sugar and bring to boil
  • With a whip, beat the whole eggs and egg yolks in a bowl
  • Sift the corn starch and sugar into the and beat till its perfectly smooth
  • Slowly beat in the hot milk into the egg mixture
  • Return the mixture to the heat, and bring to to a boil stirring constantly
  • When the mixture comes to boil and thickens remove from the heat
  • Stir in the butter and vanilla. Mix till butter is melted and completely blended in.
  • Pour into a clean bowl, cover with cling wrap or a clean amala nylon and keep in the fridge

#Ingredients: POPOVERS

  • Eggs 312g or 5 large eggs
  • Flour 250g
  • Milk 500g
Butter 30g
*for the milk, since what we have here is mostly powdered milk, you might be confused as to how to weigh and measure. One cup equals 250ml, simply dilute 1-2 table spoons of powdered milk in a cup (250ml) of water. Or simply dissolve a sachet of your choice milk in a cup(250ml) of water. I used Dano for mine.
  • Preheat your oven to 218°c
  • Grease your pan with cook and spray (if you have one) or brush with melted butter like I did mine.
  • Whisk Eggs, Milk and melted butter together till thoroughly mixed.
  • Sift flour into it and mix till smooth. (don't over mix)
  • Its likely going to have some lumps, don't worry.
  • Pour into into a sieve to strain it out.
  • Pour mixture into your prepared muffin tin and pour up to two-thirds (give room for it rise)
  • Bake for 35-40mins

Make sure the popovers are dry and firm enough before taking them out to avoid collapsing.

Once out and cooled, with piping bag and and a small tip, fill the vanilla cream into the popovers, drizzle with powdered sugar and serve with tea.

For more of the familiar, serve #Popovers with #scrambledeggs, #stew or any of your favorite spreads (Jam, peanut-butter, Nutella, mayonnaise)

You can't go wrong with any of these.

It's the weekend so there's no excuse to not give your loved ones a treat.

It's A,B,Easy...

P. S: if you don't have a kitchen scale, it's high time you got one. It would make your life life a whole lot easier. I use use a digital but but which ever one you get is fine. Just make sure it works. 😉

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