I get excited each time I see women achieving extra ordinary feats.
I'm even more thrilled to see women do what has been deemed " impossible " because it serves a reminder to young women and aspiring #hustlers that if you want it bad enough, you'll get it.
The life of this amazing #hustler has demystified a few things I'd like to share

- Myth1: Women can't thrive in certain industries ; it's the exclusivity of men
 - #hustlerfact: She took on an 87-year-old business monopoly and entered an industry with a deeply entrenched male gender stereotype

- Myth2: Failure is when you get knocked down
 - #hustlersfact: failure is when you stay knocked out. Taxes imposed on alcohol manufacturing made it difficult to keep prices low so she had to shut down. But instead of bowing out of the industry, she came up with a new product.(she now own 20% of the market)

- Myth3: you can't eat your cake and have it. Family and running and Empire don't go together.
 - #hustlersfact: she's married, has four kids and runs the business with her husband

- Myth4: if it has never been done, it can't be done.
 - #hustlersfact:People thought it was normal for us to have only one company in this country,” she adds. “I was too determined and said ‘no'

There's so much to learn from this amazing woman, read more about her here ( and see if you can find any other myths demystified by this #hustler.

Twitter/Instagram: @herhustleng