I remember exactly how successful people and their stories made me feel. To me, these crop of people were the select few favoured by the gods, selected to shine, reign and live a life of relevance.

I envied them, adored them, and more importantly was willing to trade my seemingly crappy life for theirs.

At least that was how I felt until I published my first magazine. The memory of that day has lingered with me, still as fresh as though it happened yesterday. My team and I were elated because It felt so good to have the finished product of our labour in our hands.

I remember the applause, the appreciation, the commendation, the prayers, the celebrations and everything you can imagine that comes with achieving your goals.

In that moment, I felt proud of what I had done,

In that moment I felt like I was becoming like the successful people I envied,

More importantly in that moment, I had my biggest clarity..

My opinion and paradigm about successful people and their stories took a new turn.

I realized then and afterwards that I had been a victim of "The Shiny Object Syndrome".

I realized in that moment that I had been fascinated by their (successful people) destination and lost sight of what really mattered - "the process"

This singular revelation has empowered my life from that moment till date.

I know now that the most successful people did not get there just by looking at their destination, rather they committed & applied themselves to the process / the journey of achieving their goals.

I’ve discovered now that:

  • the process is what makes you worthy of the destination,
  • The process is today's training ground for the future,
  • The process you commit to today, is what determines the future you'll arrive at,
  • Winners are not made on the day of the competition, winners are made on the training ground.
  • The process is your behind the scene, the destination is your stage,

I've learnt that it's not about the stage the successful stand on, It's about the process that shaped them & placed them on that stage.

I’ve learnt that it’s pointless aspiring to be as, envying, wanting the lives of, or trying to imitate the lifestyle of a successful other, if I’m not willing to do what they did or go through the same process they underwent.

We’re all responsible for the future we find ourselves in.

I'm a student of the process of Discipline, Commitment, Consistency, Grit, Tenacity, Self-improvement & Capacity building.

What process are you committed to?

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