The Do’s & Don’t off Hiring your Startups first Employee

According to Walt Disney founder of The Walt Disney Company, "You can dream, create, design and build the most wonderful place in the world ... but it requires people to make the dream a reality."

The decision to employ the first employee for your start-up can be a nerve racking one. Asides from feeling inexperienced or out of depth, you're probably worried about the likelihood of knowing or hiring the right person.

Below are some Do's & Don't to get you started in the right direction


  • Make sure there's a genuine demand for the extra hand
  • Place a premium on potential above skills
  • Employ someone who has the skills to match their passion
  • Make sure they share the same values with you
  • Ensure there's a clearly written and defined job description to avoid redundancy, job duplication or under utilization
  • Ask open ended questions at the interview, the more the employee speaks, the more you learn about the person you plan to hire


  • Be too desperate or in a hurry to hire the first person who comes along
  • Employ someone if you can't afford itHire without seeing a demonstration of skill and aptitude. ( if you're employing a Front office staff, make sure you see a demonstration of how they'll receive, respond to or manage a client during the interview process)
  • Hire based on feeling, or sentiments
  • Employ based on what they say at the interview, anyone can talk smooth to get a job, read between the lines

By that I mean, some who is broad in many areas and deep in a particular one.

Don't take the decision of employing you first staff lightly, it's an important one which can make or Mar the future of your business.

If you're yet to employ your first staff, I hope this helps and if you have employed employees couple, be kind enough to share some Do's and Don't you learnt first hand.

God bless your hustle!

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