2 Weeks Completed At The Iron Yard

Walking towards the train station for my first day!

As the title implies, I am currently a student at The Iron Yard. I am in the web development 12 week program.

Now that I have completed these first 2 weeks, I feel like so much time has passed. I’ve been working overall 10 to 11 hours a day for this coding bootcamp. Maybe working is not the best word to use in this scenario because I like what I am doing. I think I should say hobby-ing(?).

My first week at the Iron Yard is what I can describe as the wake up week. My spring semester of college had finished a couple of weeks prior and I mostly spent my time at work or exercising. Luckily, I knew what to expect coming in to the program. I just needed to brush off the rust. Nevertheless, our first week was composed of learning how to code in HTML and CSS. Even though I had prior coding experience, my coding experience was more in a mathematical implementation. I felt a bit lost. Sometimes the code I would write would work perfectly well as I intended and other times where it made the whole page flip. It was a roller coaster. It was full of great victories and total defeats. This first week also set the environment of what we should expect in the next couple of weeks.

Week 2: more of the same plus some new stuff. This week we began to wrap up our HTML and CSS. We were given a weekly project which seemed simple, but was very challenging. Nothing we didn’t know how to do but definitely pushed us to our limits to truly use all the tools we have learned about. This week we also began to learn JavaScript. A lot of people were happy for this new topic. Learning JS came a bit more naturally to me since it’s very similar to Java(one of the coding languages I had programming experience in). Regardless how easy it is now, I am going to continue cautiously.

Overall, I am happy about everything I am currently doing. This culmination of skills will equal to something great!!!

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