Stone, of course, usually takes pride of place as the most favoured and highly regarded natural building factor because of its importance, beauty, antiquity and durability through the ages. It is one of the most widespread building elements and it is the most analyzed: libraries for books and people bear witness to its elegance and to the study of its conservation. But many other building materials have not profited to the same degree. Harmful choice of components or their ill-advised combining can contribute to abrupt premature problems and inferior affordability. …

Stonework is an artwork that we don’t view often. It is a big question how these are produced from the hands of their creators. Because of these folks, excellent places are created, and historical places are preserved. It may appear like they have a simple job by following a plan and laying stones. These men’s tasks are significant for both function and design of stonework.

Different kinds of stones or marble must be handled carefully so that the result of the project is exceptional. With a job as crucial as this, a stonemason should be able to work with the…

Lime Mortar Wall

Various Sorts of Stonemasonry

The art of stonemasonry is one of the first mediums for construction and statue and has been around for centuries. A stonemason is described as ‘a person who assembles and conditions slashes with stone,’ nevertheless, this could come in many kinds. Whether it is inscribing is toning or constructing, this creates demands a great deal of precision and coaching to become the contractor that is perfect. Due to the nature of the stuff you’re working with, it can take many years to develop into a skilled employee in this method.

Within the construction business, there are…

Based in Edinburgh, Heritage Masonry Scotland Ltd offers stonemasonry and lime mortar repair services throughout Scotland.
With over 25 years experience in the stonemasonry business, we continue to improve our knowledge and training in all areas of this wonderful trade.
By providing the highest level of workmanship and customer service, we give our clients value for money that is unmatched in Edinburgh.
We work on a regular basis with both private and commercial clients in bringing their buildings back to life and to the standard they deserve.
With a portfolio that we’re immensely proud of, we can provide you with everything you need…

Stonemason Edinburgh

Heritage Masonry Scotland Ltd offers stonemasonry and lime mortar repairs —

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