Please do tell me where these nice clean private areas to feed babies are!
Rachel Dee

My reply became too long so I’m going to try and be concise.

Maybe in the past our environment was such that we could breastfeed children outside safely, but today levels of pollution are so high in large cities that I believe none of us should eat outdoors unless we live in small towns or in the countryside.

I would hope to think most mothers keep their children away from cigarette smoke, so then why feed them near sources of pollution much greater?

As far as baby rooms go, you should consider starting a petition for your town representative/mayor/councillor to have baby rooms standards put into place. Maybe it will catch on and baby rooms will be revolutionized for all mothers.

I don’t believe that today we should breastfeed or eat in polluted environments. not when stuff like this is happening:

If you still want to go outside and eat next to a bus stop, that’s your responsibility, but please don’t involve children. If you must take them out with you, you should make sure that they are fed before leaving the house and that you don’t stay out past lunch time.

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