And the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 is … right here!

While Ukraine is facing preparations to host the biggest musical contest in the world ESC, we will give ourselves time till the 9th of May (the day of first semi-finals) to try to analyze all the songs of this year’s ESC. We will try to be objective in presenting the participants and evaluating the songs prior to their performances in the semi-finals and the finals. We are deliberately emphasizing the word prior because it can happen that the song sounds excellent in electronic audio or video version, but when performed live it can happen that for various reasons the quality gets lost and the song than deserves a different assessment. However, we will leave the grades of the songs for later, now we introduce something completely different.

In fact, this year we noticed that the ESC is full of songs with very interesting titles. Of course we have seen it happen before with songs like Gravity, Satellite, Fairytale, Euphoria… but this year it’s more specific. Therefore, we decided to give importance to the titles of songs and we did the whole story about them. More precisely, we made up two characters who have a dialogue using the titles of the songs. These are two fictional characters that come from a completely imaginary continent, they find themselves in Europe for the first time in their lives in order to meet the ESC. One of them is an optimist with a smile Opty Light and the other is a pessimist Pessy Dark. The two of them represent two different worlds and conflicting opinions about everything. Will that be the case with their attitudes toward ESC, remains to be seen. We will be spending a lot of time with the two of them through the entire period of expecting the ESC and even later if the interest is still there.

Opty and Pessy wanted their ESC journey to begin where the first ESC was held, in Switzerland, Lugano, 24 May 1956. However, their trip unintentionally started in the city of Verona, for which we have Estonians to blame, actually authors of this year’s ESC song from Estonia. To see what the dialogue is about, continue reading:

Opty: My Friend! Where I Am?

Pessy: Verona.

Opty: Occidentali’s Karma! City Lights!

Pessy: Beautiful Mess.

Opty: This is Love! Breathlessly!

Pessy: Amar Pelos Dois. In Too Deep.

Opty: I Feel Alive! Rain of Revolution! Dying To Try: Running on Air! World! Space! Apollo! Gravity! Perfect Life! Hey, Mamma!

Pessy: My Turn. On My Way: Paper. Line. Time. Requiem. Origo.

Opty: Grab the Moment! Keep The Faith!

Pessy: Blackbird. Historyja Majho Zyccia. “The story of my life.”

Opty: Flame is Burning?

Pessy: Skeletons. Spirit Of The Night.

Opty: Flashlight?

Pessy: Don’t Come Easy.

Opty: Fly With Me!

Pessy: Dance Alone.

Opty: Yodel It! Do It for Your Lover!

Pessy: I Can’t Go On. Lights And Shadows…

Opty: I will Never Give Up on You!

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

We hope you enjoyed the titles of the ESC songs 2017!