Danny Blacker’s Shower Lily now at Bed Bath & Beyond

Edison Nation member’s idea now a product sold at Bed Bath & Beyond

At Edison Nation, you’ll often hear us tell our community members that inventing is a journey, not a marathon. If at first you (or an idea) does not succeed, try, try again. Thomas Edison famously stated: “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that didn’t work.” Edison Nation member, Danny Blacker is our inventing fairy tale.

His first ever submission to EdisonNation.com turned into a licensing deal with Bed Bath & Beyond.

Today, we’re excited to share that the idea, which became a licensing deal… has now become an actual product sold at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Introducing the Shower Lily

Danny Blacker's Shower Lily, now found at Bed Bath & Beyond
Danny Blacker's Shower Lily, now found at Bed Bath & Beyond

Danny Blacker’s Shower Lily, now found at select Bed Bath & Beyond stores

Danny is a skilled engineering and design technician.

When he’s not helping and teaching his students the art of mechanical engineering, you’ll often find him in our forums fielding questions from other members about prototyping, 3D printing and more.

Danny Blacker is a teacher, engineering and 3D printing guru

Danny’s Shower Lily invention idea was first licensed to Bed Bath & Beyond in January 2015.

His invention took a year and some changes to come to market, and is now testing in select Bed Bath & Beyond stores. What does Danny think about all of this?

Danny Blacker's invention is now sold at Bed Bath & Beyond stores
“It’s a very empowering experience to watch the process of your idea become a product on a shelf. It’s a reminder that people don’t always have to see what you see in an idea. What’s important is that you see it, and you see it through. It wouldn’t be where it is without all the hard work that Edison Nation put into this project. If there ever was a sign that I’m the right path in life…this is it! WHOA YEA!!!”

Is Bed Bath & Beyond your go-to home goods store? If so, keep an eye out for Danny’s Shower Lily and Ken’s OxiClean Splot! Take a selfie with the product in the store, and share on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram. Be sure to tag Edison Nation in your post, use the hashtag #invENtion, and you could earn a free submission.

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