Metropolitan Museum of Manila(Midterm Project)

We were required by the professor to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Manila for the midterm project. We went there on June 6, 2016(Monday).

The first exhibition that we visited was the TAPAS. This is also my favorite part of the museum, because everything are so creative and so different from the things that we see in our daily lives, and also it was all about FOOOODS!

Basically the TAPAS is all about foods and utensils, I think it is more like Spanish cuisines. The difference on these to the Filipino culture are it is more about romance, with feelings and the filipino culture is more on enjoying the food itself.

The second exhibit is the Bodegones.

Bodegones is more on model of foods, there are different kinds of fruits and vegetables that I haven’t seen before. There is also a very big size of ant that is very cool.

The third exhibit is the Philippine Contemporary exhibit, we were informed that taking pictures of in this section is not allowed, sadly we can’t take pictures of the beautiful painting and sculptures there. There is a painting named “Spider boy”, it is a painting of a boy hanging on a car, just like in our daily lives, there were so many kids that are also riding the jeep like this. I like the work “Life, Death and Rebirth”, it was full of broken plates, broken bowls and broken cups. And there is a video filming how it was made. I also like the work “Heaven Sent”, it is a collage on a mirror, and it looks very cool.

For The Gold and Pottery Permanent Collection, we were not able to visit because it was under renovation.

For me, the difference of National Museum and Metropolitan Museum of Manila is that National Museum is more about the things, the histories of the nation, while the Metropolitan Museum is more about the international works.