7 Places Your Podcast Needs To Be

How to submit your podcast to iTunes, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play, PocketCasts and other feed aggregators.

A lot of planning goes into creating a podcast. You need to create content, record, edit, brand and launch your show. Usually, clicking that launch button (after 1–3 months of work) creates a moment of relief. You created something amazing! Your podcast is live! Your voice is out there! This is a quick guide to ensure that your podcast truly is out there.

It’s launch day! It’s time to promote your first episode on social media, and see what people think. You’ll get great feedback, until someone asks “is this available on xyz app?”, “can I listen on my xyz tablet?”.

Listeners are unique and each one has their own device and app that they prefer to listen on. Here are the Top 7.

iTunes / Apple Podcasts

If there is one place your podcast should be, it’s on iTunes. They’re the OG of podcasting and I’m still under the impression that most of the U.S. has an iPhone.

To submit on iTunes:

  • head over to Podcasts Connect and sign in with your Apple ID.
  • Click the + button in the top right hand corner and paste your RSS feed.
  • Click “Validate” and follow the steps until you can click “Submit”.

If you get an error code in your validation process, feel free to reach out and I’ll help you fix your RSS feed. Once you’ve submitted, you’ll recieve a confirmation email. This is not a confirmation that you are in the iTunes store. In my experience, it takes iTunes 3–10 days to approve your show and provide you with a shareable link.


This is for all of the Android users out there (and all of the people who disagreed with my iPhone stat in the last paragraph😏).

To submit on Stitcher, you’ll need to become a Content Provider. To sign up,

  • Go here and submit your name and email address.
  • Head on over to their Partner Portal and login.
  • Click “Add Shows” and submit your podcast’s name, RSS feed and the Category and Sub Category you’d like it to appear in.
  • Type in some searchable keywords that your listeners would search, and click “Continue”.
  • You’ll have a moment to review your application before clicking “Submit”.

Once you’ve submitted, you will recieve a confirmation email. Within 48hrs, you’ll have a shareable link and Android users will be able to listen!


Spotify is relatively new to the podcasting game, and they curate the selection of shows that are available to spotify listeners. That being said, you can now submit your show for review!

To submit to spotify, head over to their submission form and fill it out. You have an opportunity in the form to explain your show to the Spotify team. According to Libsyn:

Spotify is primarily looking for these type of shows:
That appeal to millenials
That it’s evergreen content
That it’s tech oriented
That it’s storytelling

Before submitting, look around on Spotify and make sure your show fits in among the others offered. Make your pitch. Goodluck!

Pocket Casts

This app is my favourite place to listen to podcasts. Since it has a beautifully designed interface (on iOS and Android) and is super user-friendly, a lot of people choose to use this app.

Coincidentally (or not) it’s also one of the easiest and quickest submissions processes. To do so:

Immediately after, you’ll receive a short-link to your content, which you can provide to listeners!


Another popular app available in the Google Play store. This app usually pulls your RSS feed into their app for you, but it’s important to check (especially if your show is new). To submit to PlayerFM, go to their Suggest site and search for your show by pasting your RSS feed.

If it’s not there, you can manually submit it by going here, pasting the RSS feed into the text box and clicking “Import”. Check back, in a few hours to make sure your show is available to listeners.

Google Play

This one is a bit more complicated, since Google likes to keep everything within the Google family. In order to submit to the Google Play store, your RSS feed’s email address has to be the same as your Google address.

To submit:

  • go here and click the avatar (or “Sign In”) in the top right corner.
  • Ensure that you are signed in to the account that is assosciated with your RSS feed (ex: if you have a podcast set up using the email steph@editaud.io, ensure that you are logged into the Google account using steph@editaud.io).
  • Click “Add a Podcast”, accept the terms and conditions, paste your RSS feed and click “Submit”.

Within a few minutes you’ll receive an email to confirm ownership of the show. Click the link and you’re good to go!


This is another popular app! It pulls from iTunes, so your show will most likely be available, but it’s always best to check (especially if your show is new). To do so:

  • Download the Overcast app.
  • Create an account and login.
  • Click “Add Podcast” and then search for your show.
  • If it’s not there, click “Add Podcast” again, and then “Add URL”.
  • Paste in your show’s RSS Feed and click “Done”.

Within a minute, you’ll see your podcast on the app and be able to listen away.

If you’re looking for help on how to launch your podcast, check out my Episode Checklist.

Feeling overwhelmed or confused? I’m most easily reached through Twitter. If you’d like help setting up your podcast and are interested in our services, reach out by email here: steph@editaud.io.

Happy podcasting!