What I Will Take Away From This Class

One of the most valuable lessons to take away from Communication 255, Writing for Multimedia is knowing how to keep connections when you network. When trying to figure out what angle to tell any of our stories from, it was difficult to storm up ideas about who would be a great angle. The only real thing stopping us was actually knowing these people. Its amazing how far you can go when you know a good number of people.

Another lesson that I thought was important to keep in mind was what I learned from working with a group. You develop a small relationship once you work with someone over a certain amount of time. Me and my group established great communication when we first met. We first began by making a group chat to talk to each other whenever any of us had questions regarding the assignments.

For every assignment, we had to assign roles. I made it clear to my group members that writing was not what I was best at. Part of me chose this course because I knew that and I’d hoped it would help. They seemed very understanding. The roles for each report were assigned fairly and I was able to take on each role at least once. Towards the end of the class, I was a lot more comfortable writing. I feel like I might have put on too much pressure on myself at the beginning and worried too much about whether what I wrote would be good enough.

A lot of what this class required from us was going out and approaching students or faculty. I was always nervous toward the beginning, but as time went by, I got a lot more comfortable, as we began to needed more sources. We reached out to people first. I think we really got out of our comfort zone, but it only helped us become better writers but knowing our sources face-to-face.

During this COMM course, I was glad to have learned more about the importance of multimedia components. I especially enjoyed doing the One in 8 Million Slideshow assignment. This assignment required us to make a quick slide show with background audio of someone telling a story. I loved having to choose someone to do my video on, and then having them tell me about themselves. You learn something new without expecting it, and it was a great story to tell.

At the end, I do not regret taking a class that made me grow not only as a writer, but as an individual. I feel a lot more comfortable meeting and getting to know other individuals. I will admit that I still have a long way to go, in order to be a proficient writer. For now, I’m glad I have gotten this far.