I’m Sorry Miley

I was ready to live with the pain, but I wasn’t ready to live with you in pain.

I felt her pain,
I saw her sorrow,
I heard her feeble heart beats,
Her protruding ribs ,
And her dry tear gullies,
Ripped is what I became!

I was void and death peered into my life slowly,
Occupied all of me,
And now I was an alive corpse.

It teard me up to end it,
But if I didn't, I would have been the witness of her tearing up,
Most would judge it out as cowardice,
And yes,
I was afraid,
But ironically,
Bravely had taken over me,
I was stone.

The verdict was made,
And here I am,
In an asylum.
All I did was lead her to happiness​.

The only happiness she knew was the sounds made by the machines next to her,
The doctors blubbering non stop that she would be owkay,
The lullabies well wishers sang to her day in day out,
And the different colourful useless pills she used,
That was nothing close to happiness!

Her world had turned​ dark and cold.
And I on the other hand,
Was out of light to illuminate it.
I loved her too much,
And I couldn't take it anymore.
She was my life purpose,
And she was gone,
Long before others could notice it,
And what's life without a purpose?

And the asylum,
Was my punishment!
Life can never be fair!
But now,
She's resting beautifully,
And when we meet again,
Life shall continue,
And we shall have a bliss,
And together we shall sing,
Of how life is fair.

I'm sorry Miley.