On an average day, I fell in love with her.

She sat right opposite of me in the chemistry lab,
I couldn't help but envisage her being mine.

Her eyes were an ocean of stars, 
And her smile made her a radiant goddess.
Her candour personality left me amused,
Her body swooned me away, 
And her voice, 
left me naked.

She had to be mine, 
No escape from this,
I had no way to prove it, 
But I was in love with her.

When she became mine, 
I felt love, 
I knew love, 
I tasted love, 
I smelt love, 
I saw love, 
For the first time.

On a Monday, 
Four years later, 
I saw her get intoxicated, 
Her radiant eyes were shimmering, 
She staggered away from me, 
I tried to reach out, she slapped me, 
She fell, 
Wiped off her tears, 
Held out a sheet from my dairy,

"What did you do? What did you do? What did you do? " she asked

I tasted her heartbreak in the back of my throat, 
I chocked, 
It was bitter as cold coffee,
Every minute wounded, and I was waiting for my death.

"I'll love you forever and I'm sorry," I said.

She walked away, 
Never looked back, 
Left me there, 
Bedden on a mattress of pain.

Two years later,

I can still hear her voice in my head,

I can still see her in the streets,

I still feel her scent on my body and sheets, 
I’m still looking for her, 
I’m laying with souls, 
Trying to reconnect,
For it has never been the same.

I still love you my yellow bird.