Was the Voynich Manuscript a Comic Book?

New translation suggests it may have been a diary.

Well it was a Wednesday so my friends and I were at the communal baths. Let me try to think who was there, I think it was Lydia, Helen, Elaine, Margaret, Sonja T., Sonja F., Erzabet, Emily, Bildrag, Shelly, Jean-Drette, Mathilde, Claudette, Agnes, and Prudentiste. And me, Melissa.

It all started pretty unremarkably, we did the positions, moving around as our routine dictates. We are in a dance troupe, I guess I didn’t mention that. It’s for a type of dance called water dancing. It’s like synchronized swimming but above-water — not all of us can hold our breath — so it’s mostly standing in the water and dancing together. It’s a lot of fun. It’s very funny. It is extremely goofy, we know we look ridiculous. It’s been described as synchronized swimming meets line dancing. You should try it!

A smaller group of us then went into the secondary pool; Claudette brought the fruit to hand out later. Part of our routine is to toss fruit backward to one another, like juggling but with a lot of people. When the fruit is wet and glistens, and the lights are set up correctly, it creates pretty arcs of sparkling spray.

Here are a few of us getting ready to go on “stage” (into the pool). If we’re worried that our hands or feet aren’t warm enough, we use the Hydrauna for a bit, it is very helpful. I wonder who invented it.

Meanwhile, a few of us hung out in the snack pool. We try not to get out of the water once rehearsal has begun, because it’s hard to re-acclimate to the water/air temperature once you do, so there’s a pool where we go to just lounge around. It’s a place for gossip, for sure. Most people in the dance troupe get along, but sometimes there are tensions, which often come to a head in the snack pool. Personally I got in a fight there once. A physical fight!

Anyway, so then we got to the part in our performance where Shelly and Mathilde stand in giant pipes covered with rhinestones. They hold up large balloons that have fishtails dangling off them, Chinese dragon-style. It’s sort of crazy, but it’s a combination of ideas from when we were first brainstorming. Shelly and Mathilde are supposed to bounce the balloons together, which makes a cool noise, with water still spraying off.

But! I was at the bottom, holding up Shelly’s pipe, when a lizard got into the pool! Can you imagine? This had never happened before.

All hell broke loose, I’m sorry to say. Everyone flipped out, the show was ruined.

But, all was not lost! It was just a practice. Afterward, I showered and got ready for a night on the town. Just because practice went poorly doesn’t mean the rest of my life has to.

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