Models & Photographers are using Paydeck for PhotoShoot Payments in India

I am a professional photographer, based out in Navi Mumbai. I came to know about Paydeck through a media article. First I was not sure how it may help me. Then after a couple of days, I saw a friend of mine using Paydeck to send invoice to her client. She is also a professional photographer & based out in Bengaluru.

I asked her about Paydeck in details and how its helping her out. I was amazed to know that she just had to send the invoice to the clients mobile number or email. And then the client had to open the link and use their Credit or Debit Card to make the payment.

And the money shall get credited to the bank account of my friend.

I asked one of my client would you like to pay me for the next photoshoot using Credit Card? And the client, who is a famous model out here in Mumbai agreed instantly. I sent her the first invoice on her email.

She was there itself in front of me. And she opened the link & made the payment by completing her KYC. As soon she made the payment, she received couple of emails from Paydeck. One of which was mentioning her to send her documents through mail by either providing scan copy or by taking mobile picture. She did it then & there & she received the verification completed mail in next 30 min.

I received the payment next day in the evening in my HDFC account. I loved the way this all happened.

My model friend passed the information about Paydeck to other friends of hers the very moment she was able to easily pay through Paydeck.

I would like to mention here: As I work as a professional photographer, I have encountered many clients coming up to me for the photoshoot. But most of them wont turn up next time after taking the charge details. The reason being was the amount which is required for the whole photoshoot setup & then professional charges, actually goes above their budget. And mostly they want to pay in instalment of 2 months. And it was never encouraged by me.

But Now anyone who comes up & ask about the instalment of 2 months, I advise them of using Paydeck & their Credit Card to pay for the photoshoot. They get a Credit Line of 45–60 days, depending upon their card type. And thus they get 2 months payment cycle, to actually pay back to their Credit card.

My business has grown since I have started using Paydeck. The Models & the aspirant models, both are using Paydeck, as far as I may confirm. And now either instalment seekers or one time payers, all pay me using Paydeck. Most wonderful thing is I can now send all the invoices using Paydeck to their emails or mobile. And they can either choose to pay with their Credit Or Debit Card, through Paydeck.

I love your services & I will keep on using it. Thanks for coming up with this wonderful solution.

(Rajeev Mishra is a professional photographer. This feedback was provided by him and we have written this here in this article, on the basis of his words. All the words accounted here is as good as he said. Only terminology has been explained by our writers in details for the understanding of the readers)

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