Paydeck Growth Hacking & the chain of Vendors & Payers - Customer Feedback

It was in 2016 July, I was first introduced to Paydeck by a friend who was using it for his Rent payment for couple of months.

He used his HDFC Regalia Credit Card to pay the rent & had accumulated a lot of points.

I registered at Paydeck and then did my first transaction of Rs. 100 to test it. I got a call from them from them for the verification & then they asked for the invoice for which I had paid this amount. Since my vendor had sent me an invoice of 35000 rupees, and I had paid only 100 out of it for testing purpose to my Vendor, I asked my vendor to send me 2 invoices for the same.

My Vendor, then sent me those 2 invoice of Rs. 34900 & Rs. 100 and I produced that to Paydeck. They asked for the other documents to verify my identity etc. and I submitted all that and my account was verified & the payment was settled.

Honestly asking for the vendor for the invoice again in 2 different parts was bit odd for me. But as I had a good word about the company, I did & used this service.

Once the payment got credited to the vendors account within 48 hours or less, if I remember it correctly, I got the notification. I verified the same with the Vendor and then I made the payment for the 2nd invoice which was due. Again got the same time period for the settlement & notification came in.

As the Invoice was paid by the company Paydeck, the vendor asked me in details about it. And he asked me if he can send me invoice through Paydeck, rather by sending his boys to my office? I thought it will be awesome. I nodded in yes.

Its April, 2017, every month, almost 18 of my different vendors are onboard Paydeck due to me. And All of them use the invoice system of Paydeck. The best part is, apart of filling the invoice form digitally, the vendor is able to attach his paper invoice with it too ( which i think should be stopped ).

I have used my different credit cards to pay for the vendors payment every month. And I have accumulated high reward points.

Infact I told Paydeck guys that this months Delhi to Chennai, round trip flight was free of cost for me, because of using the credit card to pay my vendors through Paydeck.

Most wonderful thing is, I am on timely payments through Paydeck to my Vendors.

One more thing I want to reveal here, which I got to know from Paydeck guys & through My vendors, that these 18 vendors of mine, has introduced more than 200 customers of theirs like me to Paydeck. And they have introduced their counter parts.

As you asked me to send your reviews, here is my reviews/feedback on how I use Paydeck.

Name: Amit Shrivastava. Amit has a pvc manufacturing unit in Hyderabad.

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