this year’s birthday

Party whistles on lips, holding confetti cannons together, having rainbow party hats on. Ready for the big joy in your life. Birthday banner wishing your best is beautifully hung on a wall.

Lights off, everyone started to sing. My parents bring the cake. The well-lit cake slowly coming and it stopped in front of my eyes. The clapping and they waited for my bit. So I blow the candles lit with their love in exchange of my wishes. That is my first birthday.

Or I believe my first birthday was like this. I, of course, do not remember. However, I would like to think my first one was the best ever. At least not like this year’s birthday.

I was hoping 17th of December passed when nobody cared. The break-up recently got me bad. The blue birthday in Hong Kong. I did not want to make a fuss. I did not want to make anyone cared. I was slowly destroying myself.

Like a normal day it started, nobody saying anything special. I did not say how I would like things go, but everyone did not say the b-word like I hoped. When I was enjoying sadness slowly wearing me out, those stupid brats decided to ruin my joy.

The lights were off, everyone started to sing in their languages. They brought the cake. The well-lit stupid bunny faced round cake came in and stopped in front of my eyes. The clapping stopped waiting for my signal to go. The cake really looked ridiculously awesome and lovable.

There was no confetti cannons, party whistles, the party hats, or even the birthday banner. It also lasted only 10 minutes as we needed to go back to work. However, it was my best birthday.

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