I fully agree with your points mentioned above, but have several points of my own.
Adrian Tay

Hey Adrian, I’m glad you brought up those points. My gripe is actually more so with the ignorance among some of the commenters.

Honestly it doesn’t matter that they find this form of humour funny. I get it, humour is subjective. It is more so that they deny that the jokes made are racist, because let’s face it, they are. It is therefore insane for them to complain that people are hurt by their jokes, because not everyone shares that sense of humour.

If you find this form of humour funny, so be it. But you should not –

  1. Complain when the same racism is imposed on you in the name of a joke
  2. Belittle people when they feel triggered by the jokes being made.

The double standard is what really shocks me and pinches my nerves.