Mati O Manush is a documentary program on the contemporary agro-economics and development. The program was the reformed edition of Mati O Manush, earlier telecasted on BTV, remained on air for 14 years and was immensely popular both among the farmers as well as other common viewers. Mati o Manush, sequel to one of the longest-running television programs in the country well beyond, his program has repeatedly identified success stories in agriculture pointing towards the immense prospects in the sector. =================================================== Subscribe Channel New Video See continue মাটি ও মানুষ নতুন পর্ব দেখতে সাবস্করাইব করুন- ==================================== Gogol Plus- ================================================== Facebook- =================== See More Video 1.ইলিশ যাটকা অভিজান কিভাবে ইলিশ চোর ধরে How to drive the juvenile fish for fish thieves 2. কিভাবে পান চাষ করা হয় দেখুন (See how the drink is grown) 3.টাঙ্গুয়ার হাওরে প্রকৃতি খেলা [The nature of the game Tanguar Haore 4.লটকন চাষ ও বাজার জাত Annatto cultivation and market varieties 5.কুমড়া জাতিয় সবঝি চাষ এবং বিক্রি National sabajhi pumpkin farming and sells 6.লটকন চাষ ও বাজার জাত Annatto cultivation and market varieties 7.আধুনিক যন্ত্রপাতি Amazing agriculture technology 8.Agricultural and harvesting activities 10.আলু চাষ কিভাবে করলে পোকা ধরবেনা আলুর রোগ বালাই (How to cultivate the potato beetle dharabena) 11.Agriculture Bangladesh mati o manush Program 12.টাঙ্গুয়ার হাওর সুনামগঞ্জ বাংলাদেশ মাটি ও মানুষ 13.মাটি ও মানুষ সবজী চাষ ধান কাটা 14. agriculture Bd mati o manush ধান কাটার অধুনীক যন্ত্রপাতি ও টাঞ্জর হাওর 15.german agriculture,Making agriculture Equipment 16.Mango Garden and Lory rajshahi 17.amazing agriculture technology 18.Mati O Manush Bogra 19.Mati O Manush agricultural investment dewan siraj 20.Mati O Manush Dewan siraj 21.Mati o Manush dewan siraj 22.Mati O Manush 23.Bangladesh agriculture 24.BRRI+Narikaler Makor+Sotota Hacary 25.Mati O Manush Dawn Siraj 26.agriculture 2016 27.Mati o Manush By Dewan Siraj 28.Mati o Manush btv Mashrum + Kalmishak 29.New Mati Omanush New Crops introduceChor Latif at the district Bhola HD 30. আখ চাষ করে সফল কৃষক (Successful cultivation of sugarcane farmers) HD 31.Food and agriculture marketplace in Rangamati mati o manush new ep 2017 Mati O Manush New Ep 2017 New Ep Mati O Manush 2017 New Ep Mati O Manush_2017

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