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It should not be a surprise that the union was not included. Unions are in the way of bringing jobs back to America. They need to be destroyed in order to eliminate the remaining leverage of labor. A side benefit is crushing support for the Democratic Party.

Labor is too expensive in America to compete in the global market. Eliminating Unions is one part of the plan. Another part is to eliminate the national minimum wage that artificially props up the expensive wages. Elimination of labor regulations and benefits would also lower the cost of labor. Once labor costs are low enough to compete with Asia and Mexico will the jobs return.

Since housing will no longer be affordable, we need to eliminate housing subsidies and let the free market work. Rents will come down or housing will become vacant. The state government or companies can set up labor housing that the workers can live in. That system works in China.

The Carrier deal saves 800 jobs (that may have not moved anyway) and only cost Indiana Taxpayers $7 million over 10 years. They are still moving 1200 of the 1400 jobs to Mexico.

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