White House press secretary calls on pro-Trump fake news site
Laurel Raymond

I find the similarities between these right-wing conspiracy theories and past left-wing conspiracy theories amusing.

Just as the Right can’t let go of the Clintons, neither can Left let go of W. Remember the 9–11 Truthers? They’re still around. In fact, Mr. Infowars himself — Alex Jones —is credited as the originator of the conspiracy that kept liberals preoccupied for most of the Bush presidency. The Left may regard him as a nutcase today, but 15 years ago, he was their hero.

The Clinton body count? How about the organized crime roots of the Bush family?

Voting machines compromised because the company that made them was purchased by George Soros? I submit the Diebold conspiracy.

Spirit cooking with John Podesta? Doesn’t hold a candle to the Skull and Bones or Bohemian Grove.

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