Most Common FAQ’s about Blog and Blogging

so here I’m trying to present all FAQ’s in a package.

I want to show a small part of my posts and if the visitor clicks on reading more than full post will open, How to do this?

Actually this is very easy and simple too, you won’t have to do any hard effort for that, while writing your post before publishing it just go to point after which you want to hide post and just click on Insert More Tag button given in toolbar above or you can also press Alt+Shift+T. Done.

Many Comments Come in my blog as spams what are these, can I approve them.

Spams are the comment responsible for comment based hacking of blogs and website, these are a trapdoor to access your site database illegally, never approve them, and must install Akismet as it is the best tool to protect the website from spams.

I commented on my friend’s site and he told me that my comment came to his site as spam, how did it happen?

Some words and links are not allowed to post in comments and when we do comment using such words or links it goes into spam.

Blog and Website, are these things the same or different?

This is actually a good question, and its answer is that blogs and website are quite different things, a website is that which make once and don’t need daily updations like a website of an Institute but the blog which we make are different as they need regular updations and we do interact with our visitors.

If my blog will be hacked then do I need to do all the work again?

No if you have the backup of your blog then you just need to do few tasks and you will recover your blog easily and even in very small time but if you don’t create backups of your blog regularly you will be fuc_ed up ! see how to create the backup of blogs and website.

What is the most common reason for hacking of a website, how to prevent it?

As simplest method of doing anything become the most common method so Comment based hacking is a most common type of hacking, see this for detailed info.

Can I use Different CMS’s in different subdomains of a Domain name?

Yes, you can use different CMS for different subdomains like if you are using WordPress in main Domain you are free to use Joomla or any other CMS in subdomains. If you have 5 subdomains you are can use 5 CMS for them.

What is Indexing of website, How to Register My website on Google and all leading search engines?

A search engine shows your blog posts on its page only and only if it will be Indexed in their database, so must register your blog on all popular search engines like Google, Bing, Msn etc.

What are Plugins, Which are the most popular and useful Plug-ins for WordPress Blog/ Website?

Plug-ins are like small software packages designed for the various purpose it widely used in the making of websites and using them can save efforts and time, these are like awesome free gifts to developers, see the list on most useful plug-ins.

What is the best time to apply for Ads to Adsense?

Many people start applying for ads to Adsense just after posting 8–10 posts on their blogs which is not good, you also don’t need hundreds of posts and thousands of visitors but you must need to ready for them see what’s the right time to apply for Adsense.

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