Tips and Tricks for Beginners Who Want to Become Paid Blogger

Getting paid for blogging is not easy. There are very few people who are willing to pay you to write your opinions into a blog since opinions are free. Blogs are also not as respected as online and offline articles. They are not as respected as journals, books or essays. Blogs are the lowest of the low when it comes to the respect they receive online. As per “ Web Design Company Canada” — Edkent Media, “It is commonly known that most blogs are not even read, and most blogs that are read are only skim read by their users. If it were not for the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) value that blogs hold, it would be even harder to be paid for writing one.”

Don’t affiliate advertise

You will only get a few dollars per month, which is not worth the money.

Advertise your own products

If you have an eCommerce website then create box and banner adverts for your own products and have them the link to your website.

Advertise someone else’s products

You do the same thing you would do if you were advertising your own goods, but you link to another person’s website. You set up a metric system so that you can track how many clicks your blog sends to the other website. You may then charge the other website on a per-click basis.

Solicit online companies and be ruthless about it

Don’t just send them an email. You should send them messages via their social media, messages via their blog comment sections, and messages via their websites contact page. You are going to be ignored by a lot of people, so you need to make it so that you are hard to ignore. Your aim is to have them agree to pay you for creating blog posts that promote their goods and link to their site. You can even set up a pay per click system similar to the one on the tip above if you wish.

Use every opportunity to promote yourself

Every communication you send is an advert for how professional you are, how knowledgeable you are, and how good your writing is. Every email must have a link to your blog and a paragraph of text explaining how people can use your blogging services. Every communication must be spell checked and grammatically correct. Promote yourself on comment sections, in online forums, on social media, on your blog posts, and on every email you send (even if you are sending it to family). If you are sharing information, images or video then make sure your blog's address is embedded in there somewhere.

Ask other paid bloggers for leads

Other paid bloggers are going to have times when they turn down work. Ask them for some of their leads. Whatever technique you use to convince them to give up your leads is up to you. You can offer to guest post for them, or link to them or you can even offer them a payment-percentage of the first paid blogging job you get.

Affiliate advertise your own services

Sign up for Google Adwords and run adverts for your services. Offer to write blog posts that promote a company and its products. Be careful about offering to link to someone who pays you because Google may reject your advert. Create a landing page for your advert on your blog itself. You can even give your prices on your affiliate advert too, to show companies how cheaply they may have a blog post dedicated to them.

Check out a paid to the blog website

These are websites that will pay you if you create a blog post which reviews certain products or websites. It is possible to be paid by legitimate sites, but the amounts they claim you can earn are yet to be seen. Please beware of the websites that do not pay you directly. These are the websites that ask you to post onto their site, and they run affiliate adverts on your posts. The money that those adverts make from customer clicks is then divided between the website and you. These are con websites because the website gets all of the SEO value of your text, they get all the traffic, they get the information you entered into the post, and they also get a share of the affiliate earnings. If you decide to use a “Paid to blog” website then please do your research before you start uploading posts. Make doubly sure that you are going to be paid, and that you are going to be paid a decent amount.