Top 10 Famous gadgets for blogger, best blogging gadgets

As being a blogger for past 8th to 9th months, I have made a very good survey and find out 10 most famous gadgets for blogger. Moreover, I want to tell you that I am using the WordPress platform. Now all you new bloggers or even for the bloggers who want some of the best gadgets on their blog, the wait is over. Now you do not have to go here and there on the net, doing surveys or even asking some of your friends as I have brought you, what you are waiting for. Here are some of the famous gadgets for the blogger like you. These gadgets will make your blog look lot better, perform the lot better. This list is also liked by a top-rated inbound marketing company in Toronto. So here are they:

HTML/ Javascript:

By using HTML or javascript you can have a customizable social share button, widgets, and other various tools that use javascript. You can not only create widgets but can place it at any place of your site eg. at footer, at the header or at sides. So this feature has made this famous gadget for blogger.

Search box/ Google search box:

The search box is another gadget for your blog. As from the name, it is used to search items on your blog. This option will save the time of your visitor and hence made your visitors comfortable with your blog and he/she will visit again and again. You can also customize the names or titles of these search boxes. this option is very user-friendly and hence a famous gadget for blogger.


This is another user-friendly gadget that will help visitors to find the older contents of your blog. This also saves the time of your visitors. This gadget is also customizable that is drop- down or a list. The archive also tells the number of posts you have posted in a particular month. This is one of the famous gadgets for blogger.


Pages are the most important gadgets that are must to be used on your blog. You have to form various pages like Contact us, disclaimer, privacy policy, sample page, and suggestion box. You can also add Google AdSense page if your blog has Google AdSense on it. This is one of the famous gadgets for blogger.

Blog list/ Link list:

Blog list is a list that has links of your different posts. This gadget can direct your blog visitor to your newly added posts. We can even customize the title of this gadget eg ‘ newly articles’. This is one of the famous gadgets for blogger.

Page header:

Page header will add a custom header to your blog. You can also add an appropriate image that links your site. You can also change the size of this page header. This header page will change the looks and style of your blog. This is one of the famous gadgets for blogger.

Popular Post:

The popular post is a very important gadget for your blog as it gives a clear information to the visitors which post to read. This gadget contains the most visited posts on your blog. The post having highest traffic will be shown first and so on that is rank wise. this is one of the famous gadgets for blogger.

Video Bar:

Some of the bloggers also wants to add some videos to their blog and hence this gadget comes into play. This gadget is not so much popular but still has its importance as every blogger once in a life time of his blog add some video to their blog. You can put this bar on sides of your blog and even customize it.


Text is an another very useful gadget. This gadget helps you to add any textual content to your site. Mostly this is used to add advertisement to left hand side or right hand side of your blog or even at header or footer.


You can also add a follow gadget to your blog as 9 out of 10 visitor who loves your blogging will want to follow you on social networking site. this will enhance your blog’s social networking visibility. This will also help in increasing the traffic of your site.

So these are top 10 famous gadgets for blogger. I hope you will like it.