Top WordPress Plugins For Sharing

WordPress is the most powerful and popular CMS(Content Management System). By using the WordPress you can install your website in few minutes. Today I will tell you Top WordPress Sharing Plugins, which really help you to increase the traffic and quality of your Blog. Mississauga Search Engine Optimization Company has also ranked them best plugins for sharing.

Below are the Top WordPress Plugins For Sharing:

1.Digg: The Digg Digg is a good WordPress sharing plugin. In this plugin, you have two options to represent it. The first option is floating sharing bar, which is at the left-hand side of your posts. The second option is that you can set the sharing buttons on the top and bottom of your article.

2. ShareThis: ShareThis plugin has more customizing options as compared to all plugins present on the internet. by installing this plugin you can display a single icon, a series of icons or buttons etc. The one another good feature in this plugin is Reporting Tools. The Reporting Tool is basically a tracking feature which tracks your no. of shares and no. of clicks are done on your website.

3. Get Social: Get Social WordPress sharing plugin also has a feature of floating bar as in Digg Digg WordPress Sharing plugin. It allows your website visitors to share the articles with their friends and family. The buttons at top and bottom are not allowed in this plugin.

4. Socialize: This plugin provides you the widest range of sharing services like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, StumbleUpon and many more.

5. AddThis: I suggest you to choose this plugin because it has more no. of sharing services than Socialize, better tracking performance than ShareThis plugin and you can install other features like Twitter following buttons and more. You must go for it, even I am using this plugin.

6. Sexy Bookmarks: This WordPress sharing plugin is really sexy plugin because it is awesome in looks , it also gives you various numbers of sharing services extended. This plugin is developed by ShareholicTop WordPress Plugins For Sharing

7. Sharebar: Sharebar WordPress sharing plugin is easy to install and use. It looks good in design also. The good feature about this plugin is that whenever you minimize your web browser window it will go to the top of your article instead of staying as there.