Editing of Permalink can Create Problem to Your Adsense Account

Hello guys as we all know that for getting advertisement from Google we have to fulfill a lot of requirements because it is well known company all over the world and gives smart income to publishers. So for getting the advertisement from Google we have to follow the criteria of it. After getting the advertisement from the Google most of the bloggers think that they are secure because they have ad sense account. But it’s to aware to all the bloggers who have ad sense on their websites or blog that they are not secure if they are not following the terms and conditions of the Google ad sense.

Two days before my friend share with me an incidence that happened with him. He has also ad sense adds on his website. After updating a post on his website he changes the title of his post. With changing of the title of the post he changes the permalink of the post too.

What is Permalink?

We can say that permalink is the link or URL of the post of our website.URL is very difficult to learn but word press offered us to create our own Permalink that is custom permalink. In permalink post name comes after your Domain name. Like my website name is Edkent Media — top digital marketing in company Toronto and How to get quick approval from Google ad sense is a post on it then its permalink will be https://edkentmedia.com/7-best-ways-to-improve-e-commerce-by-online-marketing/ that means first your domain name comes and the after /your post name comes.

So guys when we change the title of the post after publishing it on the website then it’s obvious that we also have to change the permalink of it too. When my friend has changed the permalink or his post then then errors occurred to his ad sense account and CPC (click per cost) also reduces. One of the errors is

Error 404 — Page not found

The page you trying to reach does not exist, or has been moved. Please use the menus or the search box to find what you are looking for.

Because once you change your post name after sharing links on social networking sites so when people click on that link then they found is error.

So guys be careful while publishing your post on your website. Don’t be in hurry of increasing post on your website but by spending time on your post make it better (Quality wise) so that visitor or learner can understand what you are trying to say or which message you are delivering through your post.

This post was just awareness to the bloggers that don’t feel relaxed after getting advertisement from ad sense but make yourself updated with its terms and conditions if you really want to earn from Google. Guys if you really like this post then must share it in your blogger friend’s in order to create awareness among them too or you can ask questions if you have any doubt by leaving comment on this post.