Apple Watch — too much choice

I bought an iPhone the first day it was available in the UK.

I got a friend to buy me an iPad in the US the first week it was available there.

I didn’t pre-order an Apple Watch.

That’s partly because I’ve not worn a watch since 1998; incidently when I got my first mobile phone. However, an equally big reason was I didn’t know which watch to buy.

38mm or 42mm? Probably 38mm because I’ve got really small wrists. Sport or Stainless steal? Stainless steal looks nice, but that’s a lot of money for a first-gen product. And which strap? The rubber ones would be good for running, but less good for everyday life.

So at 8am on April 10th, I opened the Apple Store app and didn’t buy one. I almost did a couple of times, but just couldn’t work out which one I wanted. If any.

Instead I booked an appointment to try one on at the Regent St Apple Store later that morning. There were still some teething problems with the process that morning, but in the end I came away knowing that actually the 42mm isn’t that big and the 38mm is really small.

But they didn’t have the 42mm Sport with a medium strap. They didn’t have the Sport with anything other than a large black sport band. And I still couldn’t decide what I wanted.

Then this:

No choice. 42mm Sport with a blue band. Take it or leave it.

So I took it.

I’m sure lots of people are much more decisive than me. And there are plenty of people who really want an Apple Watch and love the amount of choice. But without this promotion, I wouldn’t have bought one for months.

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