Metaphysics is about understanding the true nature of the universe

There are four major categories of metaphysics. First comes ontology.

Ontology is about physics called pataphysics. It is about finding out the origin of the universe, the structure of the universe and the figuring out about the quantum world.

From Ontology comes Cosmology and Natural Theology.

Cosmology is about the omniverse and universe. It is about the study of all phenomenon in the universe.

Natural Theology is about figuring out the thing that allowed the creation of the universe. It could be god, a force, or a consciousness.

Then comes Epistemology. Epistemology is about the science and knowledge that allows for the research done to be proved right.

This is metaphysics.



Logic is rationale depending on intelligence.

Rationale has two ways. It is truth and science/philosophy.

Science is mathematics and all physics. Philosophy is concepts.

All physics can be mathematics. All physics can be a mathematical equation.

The truth has to agree with science and philosophy for it to be true.

This is logic.



Understanding how reality/mind/intelligence works is the most important thing humanity needs to know. From what science says, there is a universal consciousness that is the consciousness of the whole existence.

“The mind is shown to represent states of universal consciousness”

From this, we can say the mind is only part of universal consciousness.

After we know this, what humanity should do is use that information to develop the intelligence that correlates with that information.

What blocks humanity from doing this is the people who are in power do not allow humans to develop this intelligence.

“Their power depends on keeping man retarded.”




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