📽 Transitioning between design mediums and teams
Melissa Mandelbaum

Hi Melissa,

I’ve listened to your Invision design talk about “How to navigate design career transitions”.

Thank you for sharing your experience.

I find your 5 phases framework very interesting, and I think it could be applied to most new career transitions/paths.

I’m also transitioning right now as I am moving to Canada, and I’m thinking about solving problems there (create meaningful products for people). That being said, I would be interested in having your opinion about one of my ideas which is called www.hoota.fun (it’s an app that would transform the way we go out by allowing people to know the ambiance of a place in real-time thanks to the community sharing experiences).

I’d be very thankful if you could tell what you think of it, in terms of UI/UX and even the product in itself.


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