Breaking me into Success [narrative 1]

You trying to break me played an instrumental part in me becoming who I am. I cross my arms to fend away the chill but it has nothing to do with the temperature in the room. Sitting on the hard chair I wait for Mrs. Robinson to enter her office. It’s not her fault that I have been here for the last 15 minutes, I’m early. I thought being here before the time to our meeting would help me rearrange me thoughts and prepare me for what was to come.

As soon as she entere the room I could feel her hostility. It was dark like her Hair, as big as the room itself. Her mannerisms are agitated and cement the pain I have been caring in my stomach all day. She gets right down to business and asks me “why do you think you’re not doing well in math Ashley?”

I tell her the truth “I don’t understand Mr. David’s lesson”.

Pulling at my fingers I wait for a reaction from her but all I get is a small sinister lopsided smile. I bet she can hear me heart beat all the way from across her desk. “Ashley, I think in your case the best decision is to send you to another school where the subjects are easier.” I try to hold it in but in the end one lone salty tear makes its way across my cold cheek. I bolt out of the office.

Wiping my face with one hand I slam the stall door with the other. My worst fear realized I sink onto the closed toilet seat and sob my heart out. A million questions go through my mind but one sound louder than the rest and I say it out loud “How do I fix it?” At that precise moment the person who I trusted like no other entered the girl’s bathroom.

On a warm day like today look back at that childhood memory who inspired me to become a match teacher. Thanks to Mrs. Bella I got after school help for my math problem. With out her positive influence I would never have made it. After that I made it my mission to become a math teacher so no other child in my position would have the same experience I did asking for help. Standing on the podium with my teaching degree in my hand I thank Mrs. Robinson for making me stronger and shaping me into who I am.