Deandra Contemplates Quitting [Character sketch]

I was sitting in our break room contemplating my next move. I rub my hand on my black dress pants to take away the sweat accumulating there. As I tap my foot Alexandra enters the break room. She sees immediately that something is wrong with me because I don’t smile back when I see her come in.

“What happened?” she asks me, now with her own smile gone. “Our manager yelled at me in front of all the clients just now.” I tell her. My eye’s water and my voice get’s stock in my throat. I take a moment to collect myself before I continue. “There was a couple that came to see the new Batman movie but they came with their 10 year old son. I tell them that the movie is rated R and that the child is not allowed to see the movie.” I go on. “And that’s why our manager yelled?” Alexandra asks. “Yes, he said I was an idiot and to let the couple and the child in.”

“I think I’m going to quit.” I tell her. To myself I think “This is no way to treat employees. He should be an example for all of us on how to work as a team to do our work correctly without being disrespectful to others.”

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