Violent Video Games

Despite claims that hurting and killing people become entertaining, violent video games should not be sold less, because this will be counter- effective. Video games are believed by many to have a negative effect on society, because they promote violence. Many also believe that is not the case. Contrary to that, they believe video games can have a positive impact on the person itself and on our society. But is it really true that it can have a positive impact on society?

On one hand, the notion that violent video games can make hurting and killing people fun, because gamers might get the idea of imitating the games in real life. The effect of this is an immediate increase in crime rate with fatalities of families of those injured and killed during this episode. On the other hand, although video games have the ability to make hurting and killing other people appealing, violent video games can also provide a safe environment where the gamer can express his or her frustrations and/or anger while playing the game.

Violent video games can have a desensitizing effect on players. In this case player will no longer be able to tell the difference between what is reality and what is fantasy. This again will have a negative impact on society. However, violent video games improve the right side of the brain. This means that the game will help the player improve in areas such as: strategic thinking, memory, creativity and problem solving skills.

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