Dominique Buege Venus in Furs

Dominique Buege Venus in Furs installation preparation in my Studio in Dahlem.

Shooting with Sophia Voss

Last Friday 11th June 2021 my lovely friend Sophia Voss came to Berlin from Hamburg for shooting with me in my Studio. we had a good time tight and I’m happy about the results, especially I like these Black and white portraits. They are really clean even without retouching.

life and death

story of life and death

I wrote back: Hello,
happy new year. I’m fine thanks how are you? Life is hard but beautiful. this is how I meet the love of my life.

Institute Magazine December 2020

my Beauty photos published in Institute Magazine December 2020


Photographer: Ed MehravaranMakeup artist: Einat DanModel: TOTOINSTITUTE MAGAZINE

Ed Mehravaran

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