If you liked my “110 Things I Learned in Ten Years as a DP” article, I think you’ll like this.

We are very excited to launch Tailslate, a new podcast about being a cinematographer hosted by DPs Ed Moore and Benedict Spence.

The first three episodes are up at http://tailslate.fm for your listening pleasure, and you can find us on iTunes too.

Ep 1 is all about moving into narrative work, ep 2 sees us talking about what kit we own (marking the first of about thirty times Ben mentions he owns a set of Cooke S5s), and in ep 3 we decide once and for all whether the differences between lenses are as big as we all think they are. So great to have that one resolved once and for all.

We’re kinda pleased with how this turned out – or at least we don’t totally hate them – so have a listen, hopefully subscribe, and let us know what you think.

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