An Overview of E-learning and training

Conceptual training

Learning online has become very much popular in thecurrent times. The times have gone when the learning and training was done physically in the companies as in current times thelearning is done online. There are learning management systems which can help organization to easily manage their training and reporting tasks. Moreover, the learning management systems are customizable and the companiesdevelop their own customizedmanagement system. Thereare many companies and some of them have a great experience in developing the learning programs for different clients.

Conceptual training is also something that is offered to the clients which includes the work healthand safety. It also includes compliance, leadership skills, staff and contractor induction, sales and marketing etc. The system developing companies work with client to develop their customized and focused e-learning programs and modules that can meet their training needs.They apply the learning process in the design to ensure that the model is best suited for all types of users. The user differs in terms of knowledge, literacy and experience. In order to ensure that the company is the perfect for the company, they develop the modules with the logo and branding of the organization.

Consistent training

The e-learning course makes it possible to give a consistent training to all staffandwhenever they need. It is accessible both in home and office. You can take training at home at night and any other time. It has become the valuablereferencematerial as the staff is able to access the material at any time and it can refresh the skills and knowledge. The assessments are included and they verify the knowledge of the employees and also verifytheirunderstanding. It helps in increasing the knowledge retention rate. The assessment can include the post training and pre training tests which can evaluatetheknowledge before and after the sessions.

There are many companiesthat are using the e leaning systems. It is very easy to use the e learning systems. The training programs are hosted on the portal and thus it reduces the administrative effort of thecompany. The only thing needed is the internet access and the system can be used anytime form home as well as office. A track can be kept whether a user has taken a lesson or not. A bookmark is done when the user exits which helps them to continue from the same point next time.


You need to contact the provider to discuss your training needs with them and to find the best training solutions satisfying all your needs. All the requirementswill be documented and the proper solution will be designed with a proper price structure. Oncetheproposal is accepted the project is assigned to thedesigners who manage the designanddevelopment of the modules. The developers coordinate with representative knowing the detailedrequirements of project. A storyboard will be developed for the modules and it will be sent for review. The modules are provided tocustomer and requiredchanges are done. On completion the system is hosted on portal.

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