Where does the money for Carbon Offsets go?

Edmund Munday
Jan 3, 2019 · 3 min read

With the successful launch of Carbon Shop, the question we’ve gotten the most is, “Where is the money that I’m paying actually going?”

Today, I’m providing an answer to that question.

Carbon Credits and Carbon Offsets are not a new idea. Governments and corporations have been managing and trading these credits for years now as a way to mitigate the impacts they have on the world’s climate.

It’s important to understand though, what a Carbon Credit actually is.

Carbon Credits are generated AFTER an action is taken that offsets a certain amount of carbon emissions. They are not promises to do work in the future or warm-and-fuzzy “donations” to mitigating climate change; they are certified records of action that have been taken, representing an amount of emissions that have been mitigated.

These credits are certified by strict international rules and traded on certified exchanges that ensure they are legitimate and truly mitigating carbon emissions.

When you sign up to offset your carbon emissions, what you are actually doing is becoming a participant in a new global economy.

The money paid is used to purchase offsets that were generated through a range of carbon-killing activities, with key ones being:

  • Bio-remediation: The rehabilitation of contaminated land with plant life, bringing it back into the carbon cycle.
  • Reforestation: The reclaiming and replanting of large carbon-reducing forests.
  • Renewable Energy Construction: Helping to break the world’s dependence on fossil fuels.

What this means is that you are directly contributing to building the carbon-neutral economy of tomorrow. We need to build an entire industry around this practice; allowing companies, organisations, and small businesses like family farms to turn their offsetting activities into a product which they can develop, market, and provide to the world.

But it’s only through bringing this industry and product to consumers that we will be able to make it flourish and grow to the size needed to make a meaningful impact on our global emissions. Products need customers, and that’s where we come in.

Carbon Shop is the worlds first retail carbon-offset provider. Never before have consumer at the individual or family level been able to access this economy and offset their impact on the climate in a simple and convenient way. We make it easy for consumers just like you to do your part and become participants in the new carbon-neutral economy. Simply calculate your emissions, choose the proportion you want to offset, and leave the rest to us.

We are bringing the product generated by these existing offsetting activities to new customers in ways that make them convenient and affordable. A simple, monthly subscription that ensures you and your family are net carbon-neutral.

Together, we can build this carbon economy and all do our bit to tackle climate change.

So, what’s your excuse?

Offset your footprint today: carbonshop.com.au/offset_my_emmissions

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