Furthermore, if a client other than Bitcoin Core is what the New York Agreement signers will run, how is that repository going to get managed? Will Bitcoin Core developers be involved or not? If Segwit2x is proposed as a merge to Core, what if Core rejects it?
Segwit2x: What you need to know
Jimmy Song

I don’t think this is a mystery, particularly. The hard-fork code will be merged to the btc1 repo, run by Jeff Garzik. It’s not a lot of code, and there are already several versions floating around from previous attempts to raise the block size.

It’ll be up to the developers of other implementations whether they also implement the SegWit part and the x2 hard-fork part. I doubt Core will, not sure about Bitcoin Unlimited. If the fork is successful — ie the economy accepts it — Core will either merge the change or dissolve itself and the developers who haven’t rage-quit will gather around another implementation. If the economy rejects it, they’ll carry on running Core.

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