I Did Not Invest in a Password
The Pirate Who Can't Be Named

Nobody’s trying to stop you running a node.

However, the distinction that full-node-of-GTFO-ism is missing is that there’s a world of difference between relying on a third-party like PayPal, where you can be screwed by a single person, and the third-party reliance that you have with SPV wallets etc, where the third party can be ANY ONE OF THE ENTIRE SET OF ALL THE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD, and you only need one truthful person to alert you to what’s going on.

The reason this strikes the rest of us as fundamentalist bonkers is that the model where people can alert you to a problem in the social space, and you can follow up and check if they’re right, is already the model that we’re following to get hold of the software that’s doing the validation for us. If you don’t trust that model, there’s no point in running a bitcoin node, or indeed owning a computer.