Pitfalls of a millennial

I think too much. Like, alot. But, I am a pessimist.

I think about the different variables that can happen if take path a,b,c,d,e,f etc. etc.

I hate it. Because I cannot make a CHOICE. I also have a terrible speech problem. Its not stuttering. Rather, its convoluted ideas, behaviors, and emotions trying to make its way from my prefrontal cortex; and manifest itself into awkward speech and body language.

Choice is the illusionary practice we are accustomed to believe in this society. We see varieties of “product” and “service” all looking, sounding, feeling, hearing, tasting “different.” But if you dig deep enough what is the difference between coke and pepsi; at&t and cricket; democrat or republican? None. There you go again… my thoughts going everywhere. I always wonder how and what folks do to gain a better understanding of their self and their ideas. I am staring at the screen — my brain imagines these thoughts so tight and compact, but when I built them into finely strings of words they seem to collapse under the weight of vagueness and complexity.

Ill try again.

Choice is a fallacy and a facade.

When I say I cannot make a choice I mean it in the most strict sense. Under the guiding principles of this society, everything has been co-opted— to a certain extent. What news we hear from, what brands we enjoy, what political affiliation, sports, job, etc etc. They are managed by and for egotistical technocratic minority.

What kind of life is this?