“You belong. Stay strong. Be blessed. We are one America.”
Kamala Harris

Thank you for writing a wonderful piece on the promise and meaning of being a citizen.

I had not known who you were until I saw you at the Senate hearings. I have now read two of your speeches — and both have made me want to cheer. I love your unabashed love of this country and your willingness to make an ethical and moral statement that calls us to be something greater.

I hope you have many years not only representing the people of your district but also representing part of the best of what it means to be a Representative or a Senator or President or Vice President or any of the cabinet heads.

I wish all office holders had to answer the questions on the citizenship test. I wish we could all recognize that political power in a democracy is necessarily chaotic — I have always believed that it takes at a minimum two people to bring the best ideas forward. We need the voices from all sides to really understand the pitfalls alongside the promises of the path we prefer. We need voices from all the diversity of the immigrants and native americans that make up this country.

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