Work on a tropical island in the Indian Ocean and change the world

Africa Leadership University is one of the most innovative companies in the world right now. They are trying to both fundamentally change university education AND create the first world-class university in African AND turn that university into a series of local campuses across the continent AND help companies in Africa upskill their workforce at scale.

Rather than selling it myself, here is…

CNN: The “Harvard of Africa”- How one man’s belief has created a thriving new university in Mauritius for African students.

The TED talk: The Leaders who Ruined Africa and the Generation who can Fix it — 13min TED Talk by CEO of ALG, Fred Swaniker

Fast Company: ALU is rated top 3 most innovative companies in Africa given our unique and practical approach to preparing people for work.

The NYTs: (My personal favorite) David Brooks talks about where history was made at different points in time, and where it is being made right now. Check out the second last paragraph

Last year I helped place a couple of interns at ALU in Mauritius from the Wharton Rugby team. It was a chance to work with Fred Swaniker who is one of the top “who’s who” in Africa these days — while living in the a tropical island. Fred was super impressed with the talent that came from the rugby team. It sounds like he would like to do something similar this year. And he is also looking for a full time role: Head of Growth and Strategy.

From Fred:

I am looking to hire a rockstar senior analyst with multiple years of experience in Investment Banking and/or Private Equity, to work with me and our CFO as we manage this capital raising process. I am looking for someone highly motivated, talented and experienced with the fundraising process to join.


Exciting Opportunity at the African Leadership University (ALU) — 

ALU is re-imagining university education for the 21st century by applying an innovative approach to tertiary education. Our scalable, high-quality network of campuses will develop 3 million leaders across the world by 2060.

To achieve our vision, we are looking for a rockstar Head of Growth & Strategy who will work closely with ALU’s CEO Fred Swaniker to manage investors, raise capital, develop business models and structure complex deals. The ideal candidate has multiple years of experience in banking or PE and is fascinated by the power of insightful analysis, a great communicator and independent thinker. For anyone who wants to start their own business one day, this is an incredible opportunity to get first hand experience from an experienced entrepreneur and visionary leader.

To see what it is like to work at ALU, take a look at this video.

If you are qualified and interested ping me on Twitter @ednever or email me (if you have my email). I will put you directly in touch with Fred.

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